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Kingdom of Manthir | Strength of the Pack

Ramberaht | Northern Region
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The mountainous northern region of Manthir is home to its namesake, the Ramberaht mountain range. A few small villages dot the hills, dense woodland, and mountains. Most who live here are farmers or miners. After almost a year of constant raids from Lutrians, the area is war torn, with many displaced from their homes or stubbornly clinging to what they know. Soldiers and raiders are both commonplace here.

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Scarlet Moon Inn
Lutrian Camp
Sunset Stones

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Dunmar | Central Region
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The cornerstone of Manthir's economy is in the fertile valleys and hills and rivers of Dunmar. This region is home to both the capitol city of Valur and most of the kingdoms population. Many here are farmers, while those who live in the city itself come from all walks of life. The two major rivers, the Turquoise and Konig rivers, merge here to form the Mirror Channel.

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Uathaire Tree

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Farvald | Southern Region
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Farvald, the southern region of Manthir, comprises a large peninsular formation near where the Mirror Channels meets the sea, and a few small islands that were recently acquired through a trade with neighbors to the southeast. The region is home to the second largest city in the kingdom, home to many traders, travelers, sailors, and craftsmen. The dialect in the region is heavily influenced by its international relations and is considered less than formal.

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Farvald's Strand
Ashen Isles

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